A BARNSLEY MP has shared her frustrations over rogue landlords and said the government’s offer of £4m to councils to deal with them ‘is simply not enough to protect vulnerable renters’.

Councils in Yorkshire and the Humber have indicated that they will train 100 enforcement officers to regulate private letting standards.

However, since 2010, according to figures, Barnsley Council has lost more than 40 per cent of its day-to-day funding.

MP for Barnsley East Stephanie Peacock said: “The cuts to local authority budgets have drastically reduced their capacity to deal with rogue landlords.

“The promised funding barely scratches the surface of this issue. We need more funding now to make sure that renters are getting a fair deal. Councils need a guarantee of funds over the next few years, not random cash injections that simply cover the symptoms of the issue rather than tackling the underlying problem.

“I will keep pressing the government for legislation that cracks down on rogue landlords and ensures that there are minimum standards for all rental properties. ”