RECKLESS youths have been jumping on the roofs of businesses and throwing rubbish across a car park at a business park, a meeting was told.

Residents at the Cudworth Pact meeting heard how youths had been terrorising people who worked at the Acorn Centre, Grimethorpe, which has a number of businesses and the village library.

Between 3pm and 5pm, youths have been causing disruption at the site, running across the roofs of buildings, running and jumping over cars and banging on windows. The youths, aged between eight and 13-years old, have been warned by the caretaker at the site to leave but they fail to listen and only leave when the centre’s gates are closed at 5pm.

Although the site does have CCTV, the culprits have not been identified due to the time of day they come and they are dressed in dark clothing.

This behaviour comes months after youths were caught riding bikes through ASDA, which is up the road from the centre on High Street.

Sgt Richard Wilson said that it would be a PACT priority to monitor the behaviour of the youths in Grimethorpe.