A MOTHER keen to help families with a new born has opened a baby bank to help parents in need of essential baby items.

Rachel Toesland, 26, is the mother of Tobias Davies, who is nearly two.

The teaching assistant understands how hard it is to purchase essential items with a new baby and as her son began to grow out of things, she found she had several clothes and toys that were in need of a new home.

Rachel said: “I’m quite a bargain hunter and when Toby was born I brought a lot of his clothes second hand. Babies grow so fast and he was never in his clothes for more than two minutes.

“I tried selling some of items on Facebook and I was even selling bundles of clothes for £1 but I had so many bags full of clothes and I just kept thinking that a baby could be wearing these right now.”

Rachel decided then to open Tiny Toes, a baby bank dedicated to providing clothing, toys and baby essentials to families in need. Tiny Toes is currently based at Hope House Cafe, on Blucher Street.

Rachel said: “I want to help low income families who struggle to provide clothing for their babies. I know first-hand how quickly babies grow and I have plenty to give. In addition to this, toys and books are essential for babies development so to provide parents with that too I feel is important.

“I’m asking for donations of clothes, toys, books and anything else you can spare that a family can use. We are not taking monetary donations we are simply after baby essentials that low income families can utilise.

“The plan is that people bring clothes and swap them for clothing for their child’s age to keep the baby bank running.”

Tiny Toes will be accepting donations of clothes from newborn to age 11. They will also be accepting toys and other items such as highchairs, pushchairs and blankets.

Tiny Toes will be at Hope House Cafe on Thursdays and Fridays from 10am until noon.