BARNSLEY Council’s social care emergency duty team will be adopting a new way of working from today in a bid to support residents around the clock.

The team has been a joint service covering both adult and children’s social care, supporting those with urgent needs at night, weekends and on bank holidays.

Following an inspection in May 2022, a comprehensive review of the council’s emergency service has been carried out.

The review has recommended that, with the specific needs and skills required in each area, both adult social care and children’s social care should have their own dedicated emergency duty team.

In Children’s Social Care, this will now be part of their Integrated Front Door, handling emergency referrals and responding promptly to child protection concerns.

Their dedicated team, who will cover all hours, brings together key professionals working across Barnsley, including social workers, health, Police and other partner agencies.

Meanwhile, Adult Social Care’s EDT service will focus on addressing Adult Social Care emergencies out of hours, including Mental Health Act Assessments. This will build on the expert support and advice that’s already available when someone calls Adult Social Care.

Wendy Lowder, Executive Director for Place Health and Adult Social Care, said: “In Barnsley, we’re committed to making sure everyone can get the right advice and support to live happier, healthier lives. By introducing a dedicated Emergency Duty Team for Adult Social Care, we will be able to provide more responsive support no matter when an emergency arises.

“This is just one example of how our Better Lives programme is helping to enhance our services and enrich people’s experiences of care when they need it. We’re passionate about fostering wellbeing in our communities, so if you need urgent support, please know we’re here to help!”

Carly Speechley, Executive Director for Children’s Services, said: “As we implement this new approach for our Emergency Duty Team, our priority is still the wellbeing of our children and young people, helping them to enjoy the best possible start in life. This change reflects our ongoing commitment to safeguarding our communities. By making our Emergency Duty Team a part of our brilliant Integrated Front Door, we are improving the way we respond to calls around the clock and help people promptly with urgent issues.”

As of today, Emergency Duty Teams can be contacted on:

01226 787789 for Children’s Social Care.

01226 774466 for Adult Social Care.