A YOUNG engineering prodigy has started his own business at just 13.

Ciaran Parker, of Hallsworth Avenue between Jump and Hemingfield, has always loved engineering and in 2021 got to share his passion on the CBBC show Dengineers.

Through that show he got to build his dream den in his garden, and meet an engineer from his favourite company Dyson.

Now, he’s saved up to buy his own 3D printer, which he is using to make replacement parts for vacuum cleaners, phone stands and signs that he sells across the community.

“It cost £1,300 and he saved up for it all on his own with birthday, Christmas and spending money,” mum Becky said

“He’s a clever kid, not a lot of people can do CAD (computer-aided design). Because he’s 13 now I said he’s old enough to set up his own business – it brings in a bit of money for him and helps him gain experience.

“We’ve started a Facebook page, which I monitor for him, and people can place orders.”

Ciaran, who has autism, has not always had the easiest time socialising, but Becky hopes this new entrepreneurial endeavour will help him gain confidence.

“When he went on Dengineers he made his den as a space to help people understand him and autism more,” she added.

“He struggles to communicate with others and make friends. Kids don’t always understand him or his love of engineering – this business is showing him that what he’s doing is important.”

For his continued work and self-determination, Ciaran has been nominated in the Young Entrepreneur category at this year’s Young Champions awards.

“It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of things for engineering, it’s always to do with sports or disciplining kids who misbehave. I want to show that not every kid out there is just causing trouble or playing video games.”