A DODWORTH firm who were the subject of a ‘traveller invasion’ last month have stepped up their security measures.

Officers were called to the Koyo Bearings’ premises in the early hours of March 17 following reports of a burglary.

Upon arrival, the police found a large group of travellers on the site and moved them on – though it has been confirmed they caused ‘severe damage’ to the site after attempting to cut and steal power cables.

A spokesperson for the firm said: “Our site was disabled by the invasion of the traveller group.

“They cut and attempted to steal a large quantity of power cables and caused severe damage to the infrastructure.

“Production was suspended for a period, but customers were not affected.

“The police ensured that the group left the premises and undertook a detailed forensic analysis of the scene to identify the perpetrators.

“Measures have already been taken to improve the security of the perimeter and the company is collaborating closely with enforcing authorities and other specialists to prevent any future intrusion into the premises.”