A LOCAL MP is supporting a local football club which has been blighted by flooding issues.

Stephanie Peacock has vowed to help Wombwell Main FC who have played less than a handful of times at home this season due to their pitch being waterlogged.

Manager Terry Simon has said the club are unsure if they’ll be able to complete their season due to the struggles they’re facing.

He also anticipated it would cost in the region of £4,000 to finish their season, without any money coming into the club.

Ms Peacock attended the site this week to offer her help to the club.

She said: “I met with Wombwell Main FC alongside Coun James Higginbottom to discuss the issues they are having with the flooding on their pitch, causing multiple game cancellations.

“I will be working alongside the local authority to support them in getting the help they need – to ensure the future of the club, and all it offers to the community.”

Coun Higginbottom added: “We visited to see first-hand the issues they are experiencing with a waterlogged pitch.

“We will be working with the team at Wombwell Main to support them in whatever way we can.”