BARNSLEY Council’s planning officers have rejected an application to extend the size of a local gym.

Plans were originally submitted to the council in March last year to extend the Muscle Unit Gym on Laxton Road, Athersley North, whilst also creating a new car parking area. However, the council rejected these plans last week.

A report states: “The proposal includes a new parking area on the back edge of the footway, which will require vehicles to reverse on or off the parking area from the public highway in a manner that is likely to result in pedestrians being vulnerable due to vehicle manoeuvres, with limited intervisibility between drivers and pedestrians on the footway.

“It is also in a location where there is no footway on the opposite side of the road.

“In addition, the proposed car park includes a significant element of tandem parking that is likely to be inconvenient and cause conflict for users arriving and departing at different times which limits the effective capacity of the car


“The application fails to provide safe, secure and convenient access to the proposed parking provision.”