A CAFE that ‘can’t do enough’ for the community has been recognised by locals for its staff members’ selfless work.

Maggie’s, a coffee shop on Tennyson Road in Monk Bretton, has spent years doing everything possible for the local community, from leading litter-picks to running free events for the family.

Last weekend they hosted their annual Easter event, which included the appearance of the Easter Bunny.

“They’re absolutely brilliant,” said regular customer Susan White. “They just can’t do enough for people. Litter-pickers come in and they get given a free drink - it’s just little things like this that are so good for the community.”

Manager Maggie Wood added: “We put events on several times a year and like them to be totally free. It helps with people who are feeling lonely - everyone mucks in to get it organised.

“We also do our litter-picks and give people a free drink as a little thank you for cleaning up in the community. It just makes everything look so much better - we’ve got to love our community.”