SOUTH Yorkshire Police are encouraging Barnsley motorcyclists to take part in a crucial 'skills check-up'.

Motorcyclists are vulnerable road users and sadly continue to represent a high proportion of those seriously injured or killed on the country’s roads.

Keen to increase safety of motorcyclists and reduce casualties, South Yorkshire Police motorcycle officers are taking part in Bike Safe; a national police-run motorcycle safety initiative which encourages anyone looking to improve their riding and understanding of staying safe during manoeuvres to sign up.

Police Sergeant John Taylor, BikeSafe coordinator for South Yorkshire Police, said: “BikeSafe aims to reduce casualties and encourage further training.

“We work with motorcyclists in a relaxed environment to raise awareness of the importance and value of progressing on to accredited post-test training.

“Our workshops provide detailed briefings on hazard awareness and how to make your motorcycling safer, followed up by an on-road assessed ride.

“Under the eagle-eye of an experienced BikeSafe assessor, you will receive detailed feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your riding. We will provide honest feedback in our review, as we believe that provides the greatest benefit to the rider.”

The BikeSafe workshop dates are online and available to book between April and July 2024.

To book or find out more visit