SPEED indicator devices are to be installed in Mapplewell following concerns over road safety.

A campaign was launched by local residents and councillors due to a number of crashes on Darton Lane over the past six months – two of which have required support from the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Earlier this month, a car collided with a telegraph pole on the road, leaving residents fearful the next collision could become fatal.

It prompted residents to call on Barnsley Council to introduce tougher speeding measures on the road.

However, the site was not identified as ‘high risk’ and therefore would not meet the criteria for action to be taken.

Coun Dickie Denton, who represents the area, has now confirmed speed indicator devices will be built on the stretch of road from the start of next month.

He said: “Road safety is a massive concern to our residents and this latest incident illustrates the danger of speeding on our roads.

“The consequences could have been so much worse – as Darton East councillors we will continue to work with and where necessary put pressure on council and law enforcement officers to ensure that we are doing everything we can to ensure that speed controls are appropriate, monitored and enforced.”