A LOCAL musician has teamed up with Cannon Hall Museum staff for a unique event tomorrow.

Taking place at the De Morgan Museum at Cannon Hall, the event will celebrate the sounds locals see in their artworks through an interpretative tour of the museum.

Director of the De Morgan Museum, Sarah Hardy, will explain the paintings and ceramics in terms of their auditory expressions. From harps to panpipes the De Morgans’ artworks are full of meaningful and symbolic instrument.

Whilst local musician Elizabeth Charlesworth will intertwine art and music with her performance on the day.

She said: “We are mounting what I think is a unique event in Cannon Hall on March 2. I’m sure other artists have done similar things but this is the first time both Sarah and I have done anything like this. It promises to be an interesting project to draw together lovers of art and of music.

“There will be two sessions in the museum, morning and afternoon, with the songs being performed in between.”

More information can be found on the council’s website.