CAN anyone help Barnsley Sea Cadets?

The charity is solely run on volunteers and donations and, at the moment, is really struggling to deliver its great and engaging programme for young people due to a lack of volunteers.

Chairperson Maddison Brown has warned that without new volunteers, they will have to look at reducing what they offer.

She said: “If you or anyone you know can help please let me know. We welcome anyone with any background, skills or knowledge who just wants to help young people.

“You could help with our younger cadets, communications, boating, STEM, catering, leadership and team building. I'm sure we can find a role that suits your skills.

“You just need to be 18+, able to commit to two hours a week and motivated to help young people. Or if you'd like to run a week course from our facilities every so often that would be great too. As a volunteer you'll get access to lots of training and qualifications to support your professional life. If you can please share this with your colleagues, friends, families that would be most welcomed.”