THREE vehicles have been seized as part of a clampdown on boy racers’ night-time antics in Cudworth.

The A628 Cudworth Parkway has been used by motorists ‘nightly’, with large groups of people in powerful vehicles being witnessed congregating before allegedly racing their cars towards Shafton.

Officers teamed up with Barnsley Council and the National Police Air Service to tackle the issue at a ‘Sunday Car Meet’.

A spokesperson for the police said: “Over the course of the evening officers seized three vehicles, reported 11 drivers for prosecution and obtained a large number of vehicle registration details with action to follow.

“South Yorkshire Police and Barnsley Council will not tolerate such disruption to the road network – positive action will be taken to prevent further disruption and nuisance in the borough.”

Police had warned motorists found responsible could have their cars seized as part of Section 59 of the Police Reform Act.