A COOK who has worked at the same school for almost five decades has finally hung up her apron.

Margaret Watkin joined what was then Agnes Road Junior and Infants School back in 1975 – now known as Joseph Locke Primary – and has remained a dedicated part of the team since.

To celebrate her dedication, the school hosted a special assembly where the pupils got to learn about the history of the school and say goodbye to an all too familiar face.

At the assembly, Margaret said: “I don’t want to retire really, but I have to.

“Thank you everybody for all the good memories.”

Unfortunately, the dance-loving cook has been struggling with her knee, forcing her to retire sooner than she’d hoped – just missing out on her 50th anniversary.

She said: “It’s been a long time, but I’ve enjoyed it.

“Right now it’s sad, but after the holidays when they all go back and I don’t then it’ll really hit.

“Now I’ve just got to find something to do with all my time, and get some relaxing in.”

Co-head teacher Judith Brock added: “It’s really sad to see her go.

“She’s been a constant here since I joined and is someone everybody knows.

“She’s had a long time, but is finally ready to hand it in.

“We’re all going to miss her.”