POLICE officers mounted a car crime clean-up in Barnsley town centre last Friday and Saturday night.

Roads policing officers from the Operational Support Unit joined the Barnsley Central Neighbourhood Policing Team to tackle anyone using the night-time economy to commit crime.

On Friday, four people and three vehicles were stopped and searched.

One driver had his vehicle seized and was reported on summons for failing to have insurance.

A second driver was issued a traffic offence report and a third reported for failing to have insurance.

As the night progressed, a Grey Volkswagen Golf vehicle was stopped and the driver, a 23 year-old man, blew over the limit for alcohol and was in possession of Class A drugs. He was subsequently charged for his actions.

A vehicle on Castlereagh Street was left insecure, without a driver close by so was recovered by officers.

On Saturday, officers seized four vehicles. One driver was found to be driving while disqualified, another without insurance, and one vehicle had bald tyres and was found parking on double yellow lines.

Sergeant Dan Pressman explains more, he said: “Our communities tell us what they want us to tackle, with drug dealing being a priority.

“Sometimes, it may seem like routine traffic stops and seizing vehicles isn’t tackling the more frustrating issues, but some of the vehicles we seized over the weekend have previous intelligence they have been used in drug dealing and to organised criminals.

“By removing vehicles being used to move and commit criminality, we are disrupting the chain and supply, as well as adding further intelligence to who uses the vehicle and where they travel.

“This is what helps us tackle the crime and put those prolific offenders before the courts but it also creates safer roads. Those who drive without insurance are more likely to take further risks, speeding, antisocial driving and driving while unfit through drugs or drink, removing those who pose a risk to other road users will always be a priority.”