PLANS to bring a ‘high-quality’ employment space to Goldthorpe – which could lead to more than 1,200 full-time jobs in the borough – have been submitted to Barnsley Council.

Newlands Developments recently submitted a hybrid planning application for employment space on land off the A635 in Goldthorpe, adjacent to the existing Aldi Goldthorpe distribution centre.

The ambitious proposals will seek planning permission for much-needed industrial and logistics floorspace and associated landscaping.

The developers have said that the sector is ‘rapidly growing’, adding that the demand for skilled employees is constantly on the rise.

They said that the delivery of employment land at this strategic site will not only address this expanding need but would also be a major catalyst for future economic growth in Goldthorpe and the wider region.

In January 2023, Newlands Developments held a community and stakeholder consultation.

The project team have since taken into account all feedback received and responded to queries from residents.

If granted approval, the scheme would generate approximately 1,200 direct long-term jobs in a diverse range of positions, in addition to an estimated 1,350 direct jobs during the construction phase.

Ed Pigott, associate planning director at the firm, said that this would help to significantly boost employment opportunities for those living in Goldthorpe and its surrounding areas.

He added: “We’re delighted to have submitted our proposals for Goldthorpe and are grateful to all those who provided their invaluable comments and feedback that helped shape our final submission.

“We have developed our plans over time taking into account feedback from the local community and officers at Barnsley Council.

“We believe we have a project that would provide a high-quality development that benefits the local community through sustainable economic growth, whilst protecting the local residents and the natural environment within the locality.”

The scheme is proposing to deliver a net gain in biodiversity as well as a funding package to mitigate noise, air quality and road safety concerns in nearby villages.

It’s expected that the plans will be discussed by the council’s planning board over the next few months, with a decision date set for early next year.

It’s hoped that a new roundabout, near to the planned development, will help support the area’s links to nearby towns.

There are currently a number of roadworks in place across Barnsley Road, with residents’ concerns around road safety constantly being highlighted.

A planning document states there is a need for the proposal to be granted to ensure the Goldthorpe masterplan site will be accessible.

It also concludes the roundabout would lower speeds around the area which is deemed to be a primary route linking to the town to Doncaster one of many objections made by residents.

But plans were pushed forward by the councillors on the planning board, and the roundabout will be built on a former opencast mine despite rejections – and temporary traffic lights have been in place for a number of months.

According to the council’s one network – which highlights road diversions and closures across the borough – the traffic lights will be in situ until March 2024.