WENTWORTH and Dearne MP John Healey has invited local children to Parliament after visiting their school recently.

Mr Healey attended Goldthorpe Primary Academy last Thursday to meet with the pupil-led school council to discuss how Parliament operates and the role of MPs.

Children were overjoyed to be given the chance to ask questions about John’s work, vision and aspirations for the Dearne area.

He also opened the new reward shop in the academy that offers rewards for children trying hard each day.

Mr Healey said: “It was great to be invited to Goldthorpe Primary to speak with students as part of UK Parliament week.

“The questions from the student council were well thought out and covered a wide range of subjects and I’m sure some of the pupils will be keen to lead on any campaigns in the future.

“It was also an honour to open the school’s new rewards shop which is a fantastic way for students to receive recognition for their hard work.”

Head teacher, Tom Bower, added: “As an academy, we value those who can contribute to raising aspirations for our children and John most certainly did that.

“He has also kindly offered, through an invitation letter addressed from the House of Commons, for the school councillors to join John on a tour of Houses of Parliament later in the academic year.

“I want to personally thank John for such an opportunity as this will make a lasting impression on our children for years to come.”