A local archery club is finding a new home that will make it one of a few in the region with its own specifically-designed range.

Barnsley YMCA Archery Club, which runs sessions for people of any level of experience, has been running for years out of the Rockingham Centre at Hoyland Common.

However due to road development for the new Hermes warehouse causing structural changes to the Rockingham Centre, the club is finding a new base of operations at the recently-developed Parkside site on Parkside Road in Hoyland Common, where they will have a space dedicated entirely to archery.

Archery coach Stephen Padgett said: “I’m quite looking forward to the change.

“Currently we share a space with other sports, and with archery it’s obviously difficult to work around others.

“It’s going to be a lot better to have our own space.”

Despite suffering from some difficulties following Covid lockdowns, with many members deciding not to return, the club is finding its feet once more with increased membership levels and hope for this new range.

Set to move in spring next year, this change of location would make Barnsley’s club one of the few in the region to have its own dedicated range.

“Everything’s going pretty well right now,” Steve added.

“We’ve had four or five new members join and just finished our autumn beginner’s course.

“Things are looking up.”