A LOCAL councillor has called on Yorkshire Water to support Worsbrough residents whose flooding woes are causing them ‘misery’.

Coun Roy Bowser, who represents Worsbrough, has met with residents on Haverlands Lane to discuss their concerns.

In June it was particularly bad when the properties of John and Pauline Harrison and Les and Vivienne Pierrepoint became flooded.

In July another event caused John’s car to be flooded up to the steering wheel and had to be scrapped.

Pauline said: “Every time there is a downpour, I am anxious to the point of exhaustion.

“My husband and I are terrified of weather forecasts predicting rainfall.

“Sewage is clearly visible gushing out of Yorkshire Water manholes when it rains heavily.”

Coun Bowser added: “Wherever it happens, flooding is devastating for individuals and communities.

“Even though most people survive all but the most extreme floods, property damage and the loss of irreplaceable personal effects can cause mental suffering that can last for years.

“But the worst aspect of it for me in this particular case is the threat to public health.

“Sewage material has clearly been visible in the flood waters, then deposited on drives and in gardens and the smell is disgusting.”

Barnsley Council bosses have visited the site and have confirmed that it is a Yorkshire Water issue.