HAVING played countless times at Barnsley’s Music in the Round venue Tim Horton is returning as part of his latest tour.

The pianist, who first performed at the venue on Huddersfield Road back in 2007, will be playing music from his new show this evening.

Starting at 7.30pm, the concert will explore the music of Polish musical legend Frederic Chopin and his contemporaries.

Tim said: “I’ve been doing performances of his work at the Crucible in Sheffield for quite a while now.

“The idea came to put together his music as well as that of those who inspired him, or who were inspired by him.

“Chopin was from Poland but moved to Paris as a teen – he suffered from tuberculosis and knew his life would be a short one so never had the chance to return home.

“His music is sort of a reflection of that, though like all things it’s never that simple.

“It’s not just sad or homesick, it’s actually very broad in its appeal and covers so much range.”

Tim is a huge fan of performing in the Barnsley venue, which he sees as not only an excellent space but one built up of supportive and interested people.

“It truly is a wonderful venue and the people there have always shown me great support.

“Music venues like this can only survive thanks to local support and the people of Barnsley have been there through thick and thin.

“I am very much looking forward to playing there again.”