COLLEEN Wilson has worked at Thornhill House care home in Darfield for 34 years and, at 68, she has no plans to change that.

The dedicated and hard-working carer has so much passion and love for her job that she isn’t looking to retire any time soon.

Colleen is a finalist in the Carer of the Year category in the Proud of Barnsley awards and was nominated by home manager Christian Mason.

He said: “Colleen is amazing she makes a very personalised birthday sash for every resident and makes Easter bonnets for them in her own time.

“She came in during Covid and sat with residents who had no families she is very loyal and very caring and will go out of her way to make residents dreams come true.

“She is truly inspirational to young carers that she’s taken under her wing and is known to many staff as an agony aunt.

“She supported staff who have struggled during Covid bringing food and clothes and helping in the difficult times.

“One staff member says Colleen inspired her to go on and do nursing and she says if she has energy like Colleen at 68 she will be very happy.

“This nomination was sent on behalf of all residents and staff not just myself as everyone feels that Colleen needs to be rewarded for her passion and this is not a job to her she does it as she is just a natural caring person.

“Colleen is such a hard worker and she can more than keep up with the younger ones. She is so popular too she won an award last year and people were turning up with chocolates and flowers. The community loves her as much as we do.”

Colleen was delighted by the news and was keen to point out she has no plans for retirement.

“While ever my health is good, age is just a number and as long as I can keep up with the younger members of staff I will keep working.

“I love my job but it’s really not like work for me.

“I love coming here and they’re my second family.”