A DARFIELD pensioner who has helped support elderly residents for more than 25 years has finally retired.

Audrey Salmon, 89, has been the secretary at local community group Agewell for almost three decades.

Now in her 90th year, Audrey finally decided to retire from her role – but she still managed to put in a ‘good shift’.

Margaret Morgan, vice chair of the group, told the Chronicle: “Agewell is a group of senior citizens who come together so people who are getting on have somewhere to go.

“It helps combat loneliness and we host events like tea parties and go on outings together.

“Audrey has been helping out with the organisation for more than 25 years – long before I started to get involved.

“She was the secretary, she did all the bookings for the speakers.

“She was involved with getting grants and arranging our outings.

“She’s done a lot of things over the years.

“She’s put in a good shift.”