‘COMMON sense has prevailed’ after an application to create a children’s home in Hoyland was rejected last week, according to a local councillor.

An application to turn a property on Primrose Way into a new children’s care home for two kids was submitted to the council earlier this year.

They would be living in the proposed premises need additional support to live within the community due to a variety of reasons such as past or present mental health challenges and complexities, and disablement.

The aim of the service is to ensure that they live as independent life as possible and reintegrate them to more independent living facilities.

A number of jobs would have also been created – but Barnsley Council’s planning board rejected these plans last week.

A decision notice issued by the council states: “In the opinion of the local planning authority, insufficient evidence has been submitted by the applicant that the proposed use would fall under Use Class C3B (dwelling house), with the information submitted indicating that several key elements of the proposed use would in fact fall into Use Class C2 (residential institution).

“Additionally, the level of care required, the likelihood of significant increase in vehicular movements and staff change overs would very likely represent a material change of use.”

Earlier this year, Coun David White who represents the Rockingham ward, held a meeting to discuss the plans with concerned residents.

After speaking with locals he said: “My view is that the location is wholly inappropriate and, after speaking to residents at length, they share some very serious concerns.

“I have spoken to a number of residents who have experience of living close to similar facilities elsewhere, and the harsh reality is that they often cause disturbances and change the nature of the environment.

“Primrose Way and its surrounding areas are the tranquil and long term homes to many elderly and vulnerable people.”

He added that the rejection shows that Barnsley Council’s common sense has prevailed.

“Primrose Way is a tranquil area and a home to many elderly and vulnerable residents, who were concerned about the impact of additional traffic, the volume of staff required and the impact that homing some of these children would have on their wellbeing,” he added.

“The government rightly has an initiative to support looked after children and promotes these projects.

“However, the impact that this would have on the local community may be damaging to long term residents.

“Whilst I applaud the applicant and his/her initiative, I shared residents’ views that the location is simply not appropriate.

“Barnsley Council’s planning department come under heavy pressure locally (including from myself) but are, in my view to be commended for listening to the many residents views, petitions and a little pressure from myself.

“The application was rejected and today residents expressed their delight and asked me to pass on huge thanks to the planning department for listening and allowing common sense to prevail.”