A RETIRED teacher infatuated with the local area has recently published her first book.

Written by Chrissie Yates, who lives in Penistone, When Evil Walks Amongst Us tells the twisted and gruesome story of four lifelong friends journey into organised crime within the fictional northern town of Penton.

Published on August 1, this often unsettling tale comes from years of work.

Chrissie said: “I started writing it all about three years ago during Covid.

“It was thanks to my husband really – I was moaning while we were locked in the house and he said ‘you always said you could write a book, so why don’t you?’

“I’m still stunned how it all turned out.”

The four leading women take centre stage in the story as their friendships and love for one another helps keep them going through the evils that lurks all around us.

“There’s so much hidden evil all over the place – domestic abuse, human trafficking that’s apparently happening on our doorstep.

“These women make choices – sometimes the wrong choices – but choices that keep them together.”

Published through Amazon with the help of the recently-opened WandS Publishing, Chrissie struggled to get anywhere with her writing originally as she faced the pressures of finding publishers.

It was thanks to the people around her and connections she’d made with fellow creatives that she was able to get her work out into the public.

“I ended up getting put in touch with WandS – it’s all local, some people who really wanted to set up a publishing house.

“It’s reasons like that why I love living in Penistone.

“I just like the buzz of this place – I’m behind Penistone Arts Week and there’s so much creativity in the area.”