A HORSE who had ‘never seen traffic before’ has joined the police force’s team at Ring Farm in Cudworth.

PH Cadeby, also known as Colin, is a five-year-old Irish sports horse who landed in Barnsley back in May.

During Colin’s early days, he was put through his paces to ensure he had the correct temperament and characteristics to mature into a police horse and this week it was confirmed he’s here to stay as part of the force.

His trainer, PC Julie Bradshaw, said: “Colin, who was sold to us from near Chichester, had never seen traffic or been ridden on the roads, so coming to South Yorkshire and into a job that sees all sorts of traffic and extremely busy roads, he’s adjusted well and taken it all in his stride.

“Colin is one of our younger horses and is entering what would be ‘teenage years’ so we expected to have a few moments where he would display challenging behaviour, which he has, but overall, he has shown that he is laid back, quiet, inquisitive and has great potential.

“I have been extremely pleased with Colin’s progress and although his training and development will continue over the next couple of years, he’s shown that he is worthy of his title to be a police horse.”