A LONG-STANDING market stallholder celebrated her 50th anniversary this week.

Dave Mills, who owns Yorkshire Rose, decided to put together a surprise celebration for Sue Round, the owner of Pat’s for Pants in Barnsley Market, on Monday.

He’d organised a balloon arch, flowers, a 50-second applause and a speech, thanking her for her service to the town.

Sue said she felt ‘beyond proud’ to be celebrating her 50th year on the market, and said it has been one of her proudest achievements having watched it develop over the years.

“I feel really proud – it’s not often I tear up but this definitely brought a tear to my eye,” she said.

“My eldest sister Pat – who started the stall – sadly passed away recently, so I’m carrying on with this, what she loved, in her memory.

“This stall is a very proud achievement of mine.”