THE UK’s largest health research programme will now be offering appointments in Barnsley.

In partnership with South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, the Our Future Health programme aims to transform the prevention, detection and treatment of conditions such as dementia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Working in collaboration with the NHS, the programme is sending invitation letters to people who live near the new clinics.

Barnsley’s clinic will be held at Boots in Cortonwood.

Dr David Crichton, chief medical officer at NHS South Yorkshire, said: “All research is valuable.

“Look at the medical advances made in the past ten to 15 years – if people hadn’t volunteered to take part in research, we might not be where we are today.

“As a GP I know how important it is to look at ways to prevent and detect things like dancer, diabetes and heart disease in the future.

“Everyone who takes part will be helping this vital research.

“Our Future Health will help us to get there.

“It will provide researchers with the data they need to identify who is at risk of disease in the future.

“They’ll detect diseases earlier and discover new treatments.

“I’ve volunteered to take part and had my appointment at a mobile unit in a supermarket car park.

“If you’re invited and able to take part, please volunteer.”