A BARNSLEY man who ran two miles every day throughout March to raise money for a local care home is gearing up for his next fundraising mission.

Jordan Zaszlos, 37, from Gilroyd, raised more than £2,000 for Rosehill Care Home through his last fundraiser.

He’s now set to compete in a charity football match next month to raise funds for Barnsley Hospice.

He said: “It was initially set up as a group of lads from Dodworth and Gilroyd who just wanted to meet up and have a kick about.

“Whilst I was doing my running in March I thought about continuing the fundraising by having a charity football match.

“I asked the lads and we decided that we wanted to have a go at it.

“I got in touch with Barnsley Hospice who we’ll be raising money for and they’re going to be coming down on the day with some buckets and things.

“Everyone who plays from both sides will have to pay £10 to play which means we’ll already have about £400 raised.

“We’re also going to be doing raffles and other things on the day.”

The game will kick off at Dodworth Miners’ Welfare at 12pm on July 8.