WHEN it comes to big sisters, Sophie Holden is definitely one of the best...

The 12-year-old Horizon pupil is number one in the eyes of three-year-old twin sisters Lacey Lou and Lola Rae and her mum Rachel Bryan.

The twins are on the autism pathway and Rachel has nominated Sophie in the Proud of Barnsley Young Superstar category for all she does to support her family who live in Dodworth.

“She really isn’t your average 12-year-old… she is amazing and deserves this recognition so much,” said Rachel.

“Since the night I went into labour with my twins. who are now almost four, Sophie has been an absolute superstar.

“My twins are getting a little older and they are both on the autism pathway and Sophie is a massive help to me she helps me cook, clean, watches her twin sisters while I bath or shower.

“She even comes food shopping with me to keep the twins amused.

“She’s seen me laugh, cry and be at my absolute lowest but i couldn’t do this without her.

“She’s my superstar, my rock and she never fails to make me smile she is my wingman.

“I’ve struggled to get the twins into a nursery as they need one-to-one care and, without Sophie’s help, I just wouldn’t manage.

“She has recently completed a young carers’ course through Barnardo’s and she wants to be a support worker when she is older.

“The twins are non-verbal but they absolutely adore Sophie. You should see their faces light up when she walks in the door, it’s priceless.”