A YOUNG girl who was diagnosed with leukaemia in October was ‘blown away’ after receiving a wad of cash from a stranger this week.

Nine-year-old Indie Violet Senior went to Meadowhall with her mum, Siobhan, 33, from Athersley North, on Tuesday after her visit to Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Siobhan said they were approached by a man in the Apple store who told them his son had cancer so he ‘knew how they felt’ before handing over the cash.

She added: “He looked at Indie and said he had something for her, and then gave her £100 in notes.

“It was just the most kindest thing and not something you’d expect to happen.”

A delighted Indie spent the money on skincare products and makeup, with the help of a consultant from Boots.

“Indie loves TikTok, she’s quite the influencer, so she was testing out skincare and makeup and treated herself to some products.

“I never got the man’s name and I so wish that I did, I was just so overwhelmed by the kindness of a stranger.”