A FUN run event was held in Penistone last weekend in memory of two young boys who were killed in a house fire.
Claire Throssell MBE has campaigned for the past five years to overturn the presumptive contact rule which allows both parents in a separating couple access to their children, regardless of whether one has a history of domestic abuse.
She began her campaign two years after the death of her two children, Jack and Paul, nine and 12 respectively, who died in a house fire started by her estranged husband in Penistone.
Claire hopes she can prevent children from being forced to have contact with a parent if they have a history of domestic violence and believes that children’s voices are not heard during divorce proceedings.
On Sunday in Penistone the latest fun run saw almost 200 runners and even more supporters turn up in memory of the two youngsters.
Claire said: “It was an amazing day and it’s always so humbling to see how many people still come together.
“People came from Plymouth and all over to show their support.
“It’s just getting bigger it spread even further this year as someone from Durham who heard about the campaign donated and someone even took part from New York.
“It’s the biggest one yet.
“I’d say we managed to raise around £1,600 and this is the sixth one we’ve done we’re coming up to about £10,000 in total.
“The biggest feeling when you lose someone you love is that people will forget them.
“Everyone that came thinks about Jack and Paul all of the time.
“We managed to fill Penistone with love and joy and that’s how we want to remember them.”