JUNIOR doctors who have been on strike at Barnsley Hospital since yesterday morning will continue their industrial action until Saturday.

The British Medical Association, who announced the strikes last week, are asking for a pay rise for all junior doctors across the country.

The industrial action began at 7am yesterday and will continue until 7am on Saturday and Barnsley Hospital bosses said it has had a ‘significant’ impact on its services.

A spokesperson added: “Previous industrial action by junior doctors over three days saw 175,000 hospital appointments disrupted nationwide.

“As these strikes are over a longer period we would expect a greater number of appointments to be impacted.

Junior doctors make up around half of all doctors in the NHS.

“They are qualified doctors who have anywhere up to eight years of experience working as a hospital doctor, depending on their speciality, or up to three years in general practice.

“This industrial action will have a significant impact on hospital services.

“Hospital teams have been working hard to minimise the impact, but some procedures will regrettably be cancelled as a result.”