BARNSLEY East MP Stephanie Peacock said the government’s ‘outrageous’ minimum service legislation - which will restrict the right to take industrial action - won’t work.

She added the plan is just a ‘distraction’ from 13 years of failure from the Tory government.

In Parliament she said: “This bill is unworkable and the government know it.

“The Transport Secretary admits it won’t work.

“The Education Secretary doesn’t want it.

“The government’s own regulatory watchdog has called it unfit for purpose.

“The bill offers no solutions and it would not have prevented the recent wave of industrial action.

“It is a distraction from 13 years of failure.

“They have rushed it through Parliament, they presented the findings of the Impact Assessment to the bill late and have only given four-and-a-half hours for committee of the whole house.

“There are serious concerns about how this will be implemented in practice.”