SEVEN young musicians from Barnsley Academy took to the stage in London to perform in a special concert alongside Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber recently.

The concert took place in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Music in Secondary Schools Trust (MiSST), of which he is a key supporter.

Students at the academy joined together with 250 of their peers from across the country, all chosen by their schools to represent the event.

The programme operates in schools across the country, supporting students in years seven to nine to learn an orchestral instrument.

Naveed Khan, principal at Barnsley Academy, said: “Congratulations to our young musicians who took to the stage so confidently at this week’s MiSST concert in London.“At Barnsley Academy, we strive to deliver an enriching and well-rounded education to our young people.

“This includes giving our students access to new and exciting opportunities like this where they can develop their creative talents, step outside of their comfort zones, and feel inspired by the people and places around them.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to support our young musicians as they continue to progress through the academy.”