UDY Holling has been fundraising for over 40 years.

The 77-year-old Dodworth mum and grandmother has helped many different causes from the brain injuries unit at Pinderfields Hospital to Dodworth Church, a charity that helps send children with life-limiting conditions on holidays of a lifetime to the local majorettes.

She has also raised thousands of pounds over the years for Barnsley Hospice and can often be found volunteering at the hospice hub.

Her daughter Anita Bray first remembers her mum raising funds after she had had an accident as a child.

“I fell out of a bedroom window and was badly injured and I remember my Mum saying that she had to give something back to say thank you to the brain injuries unit at Pinderfields and it just went on from there.

“Whenever anything was going on and Mum saw a cause that needed help she would be there helping out.

“We have a history of cancer in the family and she has always helped the hospice. She raises money for them every week she does a get-together at Dodworth Bowling Club on a Tuesday and she does an event as a member of the Grabby Grannies at the Heaven and Ale pub on Agnes Road in the town centre on a Thursday.

“And after we went to an event in Sheffield for the charity Dreamflight which sent my son Connor on a holiday to a lifetime to Florida, she has also been raising money for them.”

Anita has nominated her mum for a Proud of Barnsley award and said: “My mum has gone above and beyond fundraising for Barnsley Hospice over the years raising over £25.000 and continues to do so.

“My mum can bring communities together via fundraising she is an exceptional woman.

“My brother Andrew and I are extremely proud of her, She just never stands still.

“Even during lockdown, when she had just lost her partner Steve, she put a stall at the top of her drive every day, with a hospice collecting bucket and would sell plants and other things. People were dropping things off that she could sell to carry on raising money for the hospice.

“If there were more people like my mum, the world really would be a far better place.”

Anita’s son and Judy’s grandson Connor, 12, has a condition called Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT), also known as hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy.

Last year, Harry was chosen by Dreamflight – a registered charity – to take part in a holiday of a lifetime to Florida, free of charge and he travelled with a group of 191 other children to the US.

To return the favour, both his mum and ‘fundraising-mad’ Judy are attempting to raise a great deal of money through a number of fundraisers.

Having raised nearly £1,000 in the past month, the fundraiser culminates in an event at Dodworth Working Men’s Club tomorrow (Sunday) from 1.30pm.

Judy was overjoyed by Anita’s nomination: “It is overwhelming that has happened. I try to give something back and if I can help anyone out I will.

“Lots of people help me I have lived in Dodworth all my life and it is an amazing place, I get so much help even during lockdown with just a stall at the top of my drive, I managed to raise over £3,000 for the hospice and that was just from people on my street.”