JAMES Burton says that his decision to live from the back of his van was the best decision he's made in a very long time!
James 50, from Brampton, came up with the idea of living last month, when his monthly rent on his property started increasing and he needed to save money on ‘astronomical’ bills.
James said the last few weeks have been ‘a real adventure’ and deciding to live from his van was the best decision he’s made.
“I’ve started making a few changes here and there to the van, it’s a learning process so it grows and changes around me,” James said.
“I fitted a fancy sink but it was taking up too much space – and my van isn’t huge so I had to abandon that idea and stick to using a pop-up bowl.
“I’ll go to a local gym for a shower and everything else is pretty self-explanatory.
“Everything is going great – it’s definitely the best idea I’ve made in a really long time.
“I’m saving a fortune – I’m paying a fraction of what I was paying when I lived in a house.
“Eventually I’d like to get a bigger van, to make it a bit more convenient and homely.
“But as it stands, I wouldn’t change a thing.”
Documenting his journeys on his YouTube channel, By The Curb, James has accumulated over 500,000 likes and has more than 13,000 subscribers, hoping to encourage others to follow in his footsteps.
Every week, James will post a new video, sometimes doing question and answer videos, giving his following an insight into his life.
You can find his channel on: https://youtube.com/@bythecurb.