A LOCAL councillor believes it’s a ‘sad reflection’ on the government that kids across the borough are relying on foodbanks.

It comes after year five pupils from Outwood Primary Academy Darfield visited the foodbank at Stairfoot recently.

Thousands of children across Barnsley are living in poverty, many of which are being forced to use foodbanks during the current cost-of-living crisis.

Coun Kevin Osborne, who represents Darfield, said that it was a ‘sad reflection’ of the state of the country that these sort of trips are held.“I believe that education isn’t just about books and blackboards – it’s about experiences and awareness, challenges and questioning,” he added.

“The school’s ‘No Hunger’ commitment is to be applauded.

“However, it has come to this in 21st century Britain that our children are visiting foodbanks, collecting food to redistribute to parents and carers.

“Offering a full and comprehensive enrichment is to be commended and supported, especially as it offers children an insight into the lives of others.

“Foodbanks across our borough provide an important function, especially where the welfare estate has broken down.

“However, it’s a sad reflection of the Tory cost-of-living crisis that visiting a foodbank appears part of a curriculum.”