SOUTH Yorkshire Police officers carried out HGV checks last week as part of their efforts to create safer roads.

Roads policing officers carried out vehicle checks alongside the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency on the motorway and stopped 14 HGV and two LGV drivers on a random basis.

Of those stopped, officers found a vehicle with a flat tyre, two vehicles with the cord within the tyre exposed, three drivers with defective or incorrect use of a tachograph (a device used to measure driver’s hours, speed and distance), two drivers who had exceeded their driving hours and one vehicle overloaded.

Roads Policing Inspector Matt Collings said: “Vehicles are powerful, they come with responsibility of ensuring we all do everything we can to ensure driving does not cause fatality or devastation on our roads.

“There are laws in place for the drivers of all sized vehicles for a reason, but those in larger vehicles such as HGV and LGV’s have to adhere to laws around driving hours and weight as it affects judgement, stopping distance and the safety of everyone else.

“As roads policing officers we unfortunately see the consequences of road traffic collisions and the devastation it causes to families, that is why we are passionate about creating safer roads.

“Sadly, when carrying out operations such as these, we are always met with comments that we’re only doing it to fine people and create income, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“When you have stood in front of a victim’s loved one and told them of their loss you realise how every effort is needed to make people think about their actions.”