A COMMUNITY farm which is closing is looking for new homes for its animals.
Grimethorpe Community Farm, which was based on the grounds of Milefield Primary School, took the decision to close due to the current financial crisis and is now working to ensure the animals
are relocated safely.
Coun Jeff Ennis, who is also the chair of the farm’s steering group, said he was ‘very sad’ about the closure, but explained it needed to happen.
“We’ve started looking at rehoming our animals but the alpacas in particular are of high demand and we want to make sure they go somewhere where they’ll settle and feel at home,” Jeff said.
“We have been looking at Wigfield Farm and Cannon Hall Farm but nothing has been decided for definite as of yet.
“The Mayor of Barnsley, Coun Sarah Tattersall, is looking at arranging a reception for the farm’s trustees, which will be taking place at the town hall towards the back end of March or beginning of April.
“The decision to close wasn’t an easy one to have to make, but we had to be realistic that the expense of this venture would far outweigh its need at this time.
“Hopefully by the time of the reception, our animals will have been rehomed and will have settled in with as little disruption as possible.”