A COMPANY that took part in a virtual bike ride last month to raise money for local charities managed to surpass their goal.

Hickton Group, based at Amber Court in Elsecar, virtually travelled 2,065 kilometres from their head office to Lapland as part of their bid to give back to charities they have links to.

One of those included the Rucksack Project, which provides essential items to the town’s homeless.

Administrator Joe Grimwood told the Chronicle: “We managed to do the full distance, my manager took the bike home and did over 100km herself.

“A few people in the other office modified the bike so they could type while riding on it, it was all a lot of good fun.

“We are currently at £1,010 but keeping it open a little longer as we will be circulating a newsletter to all of our clients.

“As for the Rucksack Project, I have been talking to Adie Flute who runs it and I think we’ll be donating our time as well as a third of the money raised as each staff member is allowed one day to give back to charity. “I thought it’d be a nice way to give back to the community and make use of our charity days.”