BARNSLEY Central MP Dan Jarvis has called on the education minister to ensure Barnsley kids with special educational needs get the support they need.

In Parliament this week, Dan asked the minister to ‘move heaven and earth’ to support SEND pupils.

He added: “It’s shameful that one in three children in Barnsley live in poverty.

“What’s more concerning is children from low-income backgrounds are more likely to have a special educational need, but less likely to receive support or interventions that address their needs.

“Every child deserves the best possible start in life, but I know from countless conversations I’ve had locally - parents are at their wits end trying to get their children’s needs recognised.

“If we are serious about breaking the link between poverty and SEND, and if we are serious about achieving better outcomes for children, we need the government to ensure every school has the resources available to support pupils with special educational needs.”