A BOLTON-UPON-DEARNE actor has starred in a short horror film depicting a man’s struggles with mental illness.

‘Me and My Shadow’ is a five-minute-long horror starring 54-year-old Dean Sills as ‘Karl’, and directed by Steve Call.

Written by both Dean and Steve, the film captures Karl’s desperation and the feelings ‘many people like him have to deal with on a daily basis’.

The film was made back in 2020 to spread awareness about the suicide crisis, but has returned to the film festival scene only now after delays due to the pandemic.

“It’s effective because we’ve all known someone like Karl, even if we didn’t know what they were going through at the time,” said actor Dean.

“Watching the film you hope that Karl will eventually reach out to someone.

“It has screened at a number of film festivals, but due to covid it didn't have much of a film festival run at live events.

“But it's now back on the festival scene after a live screening at HorrorConUK.

“It's a dark piece to watch, but it really gets the story across from the start.

“If you see any family and friends acting different, reach out to them. The key is to talk to someone.

“It's important to cover mental health.

“We need to make more people aware of this and help those who need helping before it's too late.”