DWINDLING donations and the rising cost of living were contributing factors as to why no lorries left with donations for Ukrainian refugees last week.

Members from a Barnsley appeal are urging people to keep donating to help ‘those who have lost everything’ - despite times being hard for some local families due to price hikes.

The United for Ukraine Appeal was started by Pogmoor man and retired Barnsley firefighter Henryk Matysiak when Ukraine first invaded Russia in February - forcing thousands of Ukrainians to flee to nearby Poland and leave behind their livelihoods.

Up to now, more than seven lorries full of donations have made the more than 1,000-mile journey to see the items given to families in need.

A spokesperson for the United for Ukraine appeal said: “There are many reasons for this but mainly these are that of the price increase in the cost of living, lack of main news coverage, and the particular items requested from our organisations in Poland.

“We appreciate the that the times are hard but we ask people to think how much more difficult it is for the people fleeing the war and who have lost everything.

“These people need our help, even if you can only donate a pound or a bottle of shampoo, it means that one person will benefit from your generosity.

“We are still asking for lots of donations please.

“We are very low on stock and need lots of the items requested.

“We need more and more and all our sites are open and taking donations.”

The appeal have also had to cancel their charity event at the Holiday Inn in Barnsley which was planned for Sunday, and have said any tickets can be used for other events they hold - or a full refund will be given.

Contact details, drop-off locations and a more detailed list of what the appeal are asking for are on the United for Ukraine Facebook page.