HOUSES on Barnsley's most expensive street have sold at values up to more than ten times the price of the town's cheapest properties, analysis has revealed.

Over the last six years, four homes on Kirkfield Close, Cawthorne, sold for an average of £586,250, according to analysis of property sales since early 2016.

Over the same period on Junction Street, Measborough Dike, five homes were sold for an average of £37,700.

Cawthorne accounted for three of the ten most expensive streets, while Beech Grove, Kingstone, had an average sale price of £502,666 and Stainborough Fold, Hood Green was £481,666.

Most of the least expensive streets are around the town centre, including Osborne Street and Cockerham Lane, with averages of £43,000 and £43,199 respectively.