A NUMBER of new changes have been implemented on Barnsley Hospital’s maternity ward to limit the spread of coronavirus infection.

Due the increasing numbers of the Omicron variant, the hospital is reviewing the number of people allowed onto the site.

On the labour ward, all women will be able to be supported by one birth partner - it is recommended the partner provides proof of a negative LFT and be symptom-free.

A hospital spokesperson said: “We appreciate that there may be individual circumstances that require further discussion, these discussions can take place with the midwife when you call to advise us that you are attending the labour ward.”

Most areas are unchanged but lateral flow tests must also be completed by the named visitor prior to attending the antenatal postnatal ward and face masks must be worn throughout, unless medically exempt.

“We thank you for your understanding during this time, the health and safety of our mothers and babies, staff and visitors are at the forefront of the care we deliver,” a spokesperson added.

“We will continue to review this position regularly and will continue to communicate any further changes that are required.”

The new guidance was implemented on Thursday.