FIRE crews from across the borough were called to three vehicle fires over the festive period.

Firefighters from Dearne station were first called out to West Melton on Boxing Day.

When they arrived on Hoober Street, at 2.30am, they found a vehicle that had been deliberately set alight.

They came away at 3am after putting out the blaze.

On Monday, a crew from Tankersley station were they called to Cumberland Road in Hoyland at 4.40am.

When they arrived they found a van that had accidentally set alight.

They put out the blaze and left the scene at 5.40am.

Later that day, firefighters from Dearne station were called out to Springfield in Bolton-upon-Dearne.

They arrived at 10.20pm and extinguished a vehicle that deliberately been set alight.

Firefighter from Barnsley and Cudworth stations were also called to a property fire in Cudworth on Tuesday.

When they arrived on Field Drive, at 5.10pm, they found the blaze had involved the washing machine.

They put out the fire, which was deemed to have been started accidentally, and came away at 5.50pm.