SOUTH Yorkshire Police is encouraging youngsters to sign up to a life-changing experience in the new year.

The Prince’s Trust programme, which sees the police and fire service team up, returns this month.

It’s a course for people aged between 16 and 25 who are currently not in work or full-time education.

The 12-week programme gives young people the chance to meet new friends, gain personal confidence and develop new skills.

Former Royal Marine John Daley, who is the team leader for South Yorkshire’s programme, said: “Over the years I’ve watched on proudly as these courses have changed hundreds of young lives, they really do make a huge impact.

“In most cases, participants come away after 12 weeks with us feeling like a totally new person.

“Over the course of the programme they meet new friends, gain qualifications, work experience and a range of life skills.

“We also spend time looking at things such as drug awareness, good nutrition, mental health and general healthy living.

“If you know someone that is between 16 and 25-years-old, who is currently not in work or full-time education and, ultimately, needs a bit of a boost please get in touch with us as this programme could really change their lives.”

Anyone interest should email