WITH all the Christmas festivities that may be going on this year, one community health organisation is urging residents to remember their sexual health when going on festive dates.

Spectrum Community Health CIC, based in Gateway Plaza, has released a Christmas sexual health campaign which reminds residents to prioritise all aspects of their health this festive season.

The 'Merry Sexmas' campaign includes tips to ensure that any festive dates go smoothly.

Experts from the organisation recommend that you take a lateral flow before meeting new people to reduce the risk of transmitting Covid-19.

They also recommend that protection such as condoms is used to protect against unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

Visit a clinic if you have unprotected sex for testing and treatment.

Also, make sure to look after one another when out-and-about after a recent hike in drink spiking incidents.

Jane Partridge, Head of Service at Spectrum’s sexual health service in Barnsley, said: “Drinking heavily can make people less likely to think clearly, and they might forget to talk about condoms or take precautions when it comes to safe sex.

"If you’re out enjoying the festivities this Christmas, remember to carry condoms with you and be well-prepared if you find yourself in a sexual situation.

“If you have unprotected sex, our clinics offer quick, simple and free STI tests which will put your mind at ease and if necessary, you can receive the right treatment as soon as possible.”