BARNSLEY College students gained valuable experience this month by taking part in an event to raise awareness about the importance of first aid.

College construction technician and St John Ambulance unit manager, Arran McCallum, supports the NHS on the frontline in the town by providing essential services to care.

A number of college students got the chance to find out about what St John Ambulance does whilst on duty and the action required in certain situations.

Arran said: “We set up the engagement event to provide students with lifesaving knowledge for the future and provide them with skills that could be required in any emergency situation.

“As Oakwell unit manager, I’m really proud to bring lifesaving knowledge to our students at Barnsley College.

“This is a fantastic opportunity and I aim to give basic first aid awareness to every student possible.

“If anyone is interested in volunteering for St John Ambulance, please get in touch,”